iOS 13 Jailbreak

It's already hit the iDevice community that the release of iOS 13 will be a fundamental change in the daily usage of iOS devices and will manage to alter the iDevice experience altogether. And it is reported that most have been testing the iOS beta released version since late June so users can expect great things in the time to come. We discover all the 13 features so users have a chance to decide if they want to get iOS 13 right now and experience what it will offer.

Right now, iOS 13 has been officially released and someone was able to find out a mentioning of a potential new iPhone as well and discover its official release alongside the official release as well in the software's code. The message had read as 'holdforrelease' with September 10th mentioned thus it is now predicted that that will be the date when iOS 12 is planned on hitting the streets officially though obviously Apple has yet to make an official announcement on the matter.

Insight on iOS 13 - What it Offers

13 software version was actually released on September 19th and even though Apple did mention that it was not supposed to come out until late July but it did manage to release earlier than expected. On top of that iOS 12's beta also arrived on June 25, 2018, as well as ahead of its planned launch. To make it more clear, we managed to compile 13 iOS version's timeline.

iOS 13.2 beta: This version is actually available for user access but restricted to paid Apple developers. But it is essential to know that unlike 13 beta 1, iOS 12 beta 2 can be installed through OTA and whereas beta 1 requires Xcode or macOS 10.15 prerequisites to be installed priorly. This is reported to be easier to install but it is highly advised of users to wait for the public beta which is always in better stable conditions if not upgrade to the developer beta on a non-primary iOS device. 

iOS 13.1: It is also said that Apple's larger scale feature tests actually began on September 24th and it has been upgraded into version 2 recently. Users can download this version because its often more refined version of the developer beta release though it can be rough at times and would not include all the features implemented in the final version of the actual software.

Further Insight on iOS 13 Release Dates and Beta Schedules

  • June 3: beta 1 and the first look at WWDC 2019
  • June 17: beta 2 launched for developers
  • June 24: public beta release date for adventurous testers
  • July 3: developer beta 3 launches with some new features
  • July 8: public beta 2 release date
  • July 17: beta 4 launched for developers with a security bug fix
  • July 29: beta 5 came with a series of bug fixes
  • August 7: beta 6 arrived with tweaks to the UI
  • August 15: beta 7 landed, and it hinted at a release date
  • September 14: Officialy released iOS 13

iOS 13 Jailbreak Solutions Explored

Is it really possible to jailbreak iOS 13 currently? It is still freshly released and what is the current status with the jailbreaking community and the development of a tool for iOS 13 jailbreak? We do a quick review regards to this and discover if it is truly possible at the moment. 

There is some talk in the town that a Taiwanese developer who is a renowned jailbreak tool developer has jailbroken a released beta version of iOS 13 and that he is yet to release it to the public. But this hasn't also been definitely confirmed and other tools developers are still waiting for other notable developers to release even a single demo. But most predict this will not happen just yet because it is obviously a pleasant process because iOS 13 has just been released. But with a series of reviews and status updates released by notorious jailbreak journalists and taking all the contemporary factors into consideration, it is unlikely that a definite jailbreak tool for iOS 13 will be released before Apple officially launches it to the public. And this launch is to be expected in September 2019.

Nevertheless, despite all the scintillating new iOS features and tweaks along with the improvements, there are still some things missing such as Cydia that enables tweaks such as message customizer which allows the user to modify anything in the default messages app and this gives the ability to lock apps and folders with Touch ID as well. What to note is Cydia has officially released a statement that they are working on a successfully iOS 13 jailbreak though this might be a few months away from release as well but they have given assurance that it is extremely possible to launch a jailbreak by the end of year and the fellow jailbreaking community can only keep looking forward to it.

Cydia Guru for iOS 13 Jailbreak

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Device Compatibility Discovered

It require iPhone 6S or later, iPad Air 2 or later, the new iPad mini 4 and iPhone SE. It won't come to older devices that supports up to iOS 12 which are iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPad Air, iPad mini 2 and mini 3. If the user does have one of these devices, they will most likely be stuck on iOS 12 and this might where jailbreaking could come in handy for them. But it is absolutely not encouraged and it is a decision that is solely dependent on users.

iOS 13 Features Overview

What the new software got in store for the iOS users discovered

The release hints at codename Apple tag products where the company is taking on the Tile tracker which is backed up in the iOS 13 beta and has been tagged with the code name. This could well mean that Apple is working on a feature similar to Tile sport. And the redesigned find my app is meant to locate a user's Apple device in addition to their iPhone carry friends and Apple tag allegedly is designed for everything else as well. Imagine any product that a Bluetooth tracker can be attached to.

Other highlighted features are that it is meant to give reminders a big overhaul as well. Reminders seem to get the biggest revamp in this software update and it is reported to be better organized and it also includes shortcuts that will make it even more, easier to add reminders. Maps will also get a revamped as well. But it will not be better than Google Maps, nope. It is also revealed that iOS 13 will be launched on iPadOS and it will be one of the biggest changes. On top of that, iOS 13 is meant to tweak the visual interface as well. Home screen app menus will be smaller and there will be alterations to the Long press commands as well.

A dark mode will be also be unveiled for this latest update. where is will come to iOS and iPadOS. And it is also reported that macOS will get a system-wide dark mode as well which was actually overdue. On top of these, there will also be a shortcut to black and dark grey UI lives through the control centre.

There will also be FaceTime attention correction and will feature a QuickPath keyboard component. Alterations to camera and portrait modes will be also added and the new Siri voice will be made to sound more natural.

Extra Changes Overview

What could be the other smaller alterations and tweaks that will take place in iOS 13? We did a deep dive.

  • User iDevice will optimize battery altering to make sure that the device battery lasts much longer.
  • Apple arcade will combine with 13 update.
  • Apple News+ will now show user-relevant business content in the stock app.
  • Also when the user calls a business, it will suggest that the user start a business chat with them. Though this feature seems to only work with supported businesses.
  • Add attachments to events in the Calendar app.
  • There are new relationship labels for contacts provided in the Contacts app.
  • PlayStation 4 and Xbox controllers are also now supported.
  • Music app now offers time-synced lyrics, so the user can read the lyrics along with what’s being sung which would be extremely convenient.
  • Notes have a more powerful search tool, and a gallery view that gives the user the ability to quickly find the note they are looking for.
  • Safari has a refreshed start page and a download manager. It can also resize photos when they’re being uploaded, and create specific settings for specific websites.

These sideline tweaks are some of the highlights of iOS 13. But Apple has promised much more and we will need to wait for the official launch just how big the alterations truly would be.

Afterword for users

It is of no doubt that iOS 13 would bring a tsunami of changes and device upgrades and new components. But are all these changes worth it and will them help to optimize device experience or will some fans be disappointed? We will surely find out when it officially releases, that is for sure.