Jailbreak iOS 12 - iOS 12.4 with Cydia Guru

Jailbreak is the best privilege for any iPhone, iPad and iPod touch user to get more power in it. Although Apple keeps upgrading the operating system with every firmware, always there, it remains the need of iOS jailbreak. And with no difference, jailbreak iOS 12 has made now in turns with the support of a number of powerful demonstrations too. Let us here take a look at all updates to iOS 12 jailbreak and how it easily make true with Cydia Guru.

The 12th update is a game-changing update by Apple year 2018 to power your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. At a glance, the update finds full of amazing features and functions. And additions here come making the firmware unique and love to hands-on. Anyone having a 64-bit iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch can download iOS 12 over the air or through iTunes. But if you are on a firmware that is already jailbroken, you better stay away from the latest update in order to keep jailbreak and Cydia privileges.

iOS 12 Jailbreak with Cydia Guru

What is the role of Cydia Guru?

Are you tired of waiting for the right iOS jailbreak and still worried about having no replacement? It is the time to end up all worries and walk with Cydia Guru.

Cydia Guru is a semi-jailbreak solution for all your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch running any firmware to get resulted in Cydia Download. The program supports downloading directly on the smart device where no requirement of PC considered. And with the compatibility confirmed on all firmware and device variants, anyone can try up Cydia Guru jailbreak and easily have Cydia on the handset.

Cydia Guru Features and Functions

  • No Requirement of PC - taking the jailbreak to a new level, Cydiaguru has made the PC requirements unnecessary here. In fact, it is allowed for direct downloads on the smart device through Safari

  • Support iOS 12 - Cydia Guru finds the exploits and vulnerabilities in any operating system and will make the way to jailbreak iOS 12 and install Cydia. It brings the support up to the latest iOS version to have Cydia

  • Supports faster Jailbreak - Cydia Guru lets you take Cydia very fast not just like the other jailbreak apps that take ages. In fact, it is simply to continue through "Cydia Download" button from which it will take you to a few minutes process and results in Cydia

  • All Device support - Unlike jailbreak comes officially restricting the device usage, here the program brings the complete support for all iPhone, iPad and iPod devices under both 32-bit and 64-bit categories

  • Customer support - after service feature is here available with CydiaGuru supporting any user to resolve doubts by contacting us. For any query, do not hesitate to contact us

  • Compatible with all firmware - having Cydia guru you are no longer required to wait for the next jailbreak release. In fact, the tool here detects vulnerabilities and exploits and will find the way compatible

How to Jailbreak iOS 12 with Cydia Guru?

If you want to have Cydia in the easiest way, it is the time to turn in the Cydia Guru side from which any iOS version can get the best support of exclusive apps, themes, wallpapers etc rather than waiting for a jailbreak tool release. Make sure your iDevice is with a sufficient power scale and connected to stable WiFi connectivity. Also, note that Cydia Guru only supports through the Safari web browser but no other.

  • Step 01: Type www.cydiaguru.com on your Safari Web browser and launch the official site
  • Step 02: Scroll the page and get the "Cydia Download" button where you should hit to continue
  • Step 03: Now leave the program for several seconds to get connected properly identifying the device variant and firmware it runs
  • Step 04: After detecting all the relevant information, it is time to continue through the processing. Then tap "Install Cydia" and start processing
  • Step 05: Leave the program a few seconds without any interruptions and let your device get jailbroken in several seconds. After that, you will be directed to the installation page
  • Step 06: Then continue through "Add to Home Screen" button in order to get Cydia app on the device's Home screen
  • Step 07: Tap "allow" in the pop up that will come asking you to open the device's Settings
  • Step 08: Then, follow the screen and get with the steps, "Install", "Enter Passcode"  "Install"  and, make it "Done"

Once you are done with the instructions above, you will be able to see iOS 12 Cydia on the Home screen. So it is now time to enjoy various apps, themes, wallpapers and many more tweaking on the iOS device.

iOS 12 Jailbreak Updates

Besides all the demonstrations that came showing iOS 12 jailbreak possibilities when it is at the testing stage, we have more than two demonstrations powerfully proving that iOS 12 jailbreak is possible through a tool at any time. To the date, all thanks for the demonstrations go to Ali Security, Pangu jailbreak and Luca Todesco for the recent work.

Before getting even a complete day from the official release date of iOS 12, the team Ali Security came with a jailbreak demo showing that iOS 12 is jailbreakable despite its all beta and GM version. And this was more attention winning with its untethered nature. But it was said on an iPhone X where they have not moved to the latest flagship iPhone models.

Can I Jailbreak iOS 12 with Pangu?

Taking no longer from the exciting untethered jailbreak, we came to know that team Pangu Jailbreak is back in work for iOS 12 jailbreak. It was all revealed by the security researcher Min Zheng through a tweet about what has succeeded on an iPhone XS. This proves Apple's latest flagship iPhone XS also has jailbreak possibilities together with the firmware it takes. And this is Pangu after ages where Pangu 9.3.3 was released.

Jailbreak iOS 12 with Luca Todesco

Luca Todesco is a well-known name in the jailbreak chapters, especially for iOS 10-centric Yalu updates. And now with the new firmware out on Apple’s flagship iPhone XS and its Max, we find him turning for new work. With his latest tweet, it is clear that iPhone XS Max is jailbrekable.

Up to the date, iOS 12 is with the interesting news and updates encouraging the prospect of iOS 12 jailbreak. With luck, it is time to count on for something beneficial up in the future. And up to then, follow Cydia Guru for iOS 12 for the fastest jailbreak and Cydia experience for free.

What is more in CydiaGuru

iOS 12 is the latest support added to Cydia Guru. It is free as always and supportive to easily download Cydia on any iOS device. With the added compatibility, it is now with CydiaGuru giving all the recent upgraded iOS fans to have the taste of Cydia apps and tweaks. In case if you feel like you are limited in your system run although surrounded with hundreds of additions and updates, you may take a few minutes to take a look at Cydia Guru in order to get the support for jailbreak iOS 12. It is free and will take only a few minutes to complete the installation and function. And most importantly, that does not depend upon your Apple ID or any other as that just involves simplest techniques to make successful processing.