Cydia Impactor Download for Windows, Mac OS and Linux

Cydia Impactor is an essential software for both iOS and Android devices. For iOS devices, this helps to install Cydia, remove Cydia installer, install third-party apps by sideloading IPA files. Also, it can be used to root Android smartphones and tablets running on Android Gingerbread to Lollipop. Jay Freeman is the creator of Cydia impactor download who developed Cydia Download for iPhones, iPads and iPod touch devices. As noticed above, users can install their favorite apps, games by sideloading IPAs on iDevices and APK files on Android using Impactor tool. Nowadays, most of the iDevice users download Cydia Impactor because this is the latest method that installs jailbreak apps on iOS devices.

Keep remind that the users are always free to grab the latest versions of cydiaimpactor from the below download section. The Impactor download needs some preparations such as the latest version of iTunes to sideload IPA files to an iOS device. The compatibility with all the devices makes the sideload task easy. This procedure is not a critical one but has some special steps to proceed. If you all need is download and install applications on iOS devices and this the best and the most relevant process that you have to engage with.

Note: For Windows 10 users, do not launch Impactor tool "Run as Administrator," this method will prevent the drag & drop option on your Windows computer.

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Features of Impactor Free Download

Even though the CydiaImpactor is released months ago, it's still being developing by its developers including Saurik. Under these circumstances, we have no that much features of Cydia Impactor free download but it doesn't mean that the tool should be denied. This is one of the best GUI tools that works fine with mobile devices. In addition to sideload IPA files to iPhone, iPad, iPod touch devices, these are some other important features of the tool.

  • Root Android Devices: If you're currently using an Android smartphone or tablet device running Android 2.3, then it's an easy task to root current OS version to Android 5.0 lollipop within a few clicks. What you have to do is connect your mobile device to the PC and click on "Start" button to begin the rooting mechanism. This only takes a few seconds to complete the whole process.

  • Unlock Bootloadaer: By using CydiaImpactor, Unlock Bootloader and lock Bootloader is just a simple process

  • Inbuilt USB Drivers: Impactor download contains inbuilt USB drivers so, the user don't need to install USB drivers manually to establish the connection between computer and smart device

  • Install Packages: With the help of Cydia Impactor free download, Android users can flash mod packages, root package, update package and manually file recover into the android devices

Preparations for using CydiaImpactor

  • Do you want to install applications on iDevice from your Mac or Windows Computer? Then you need to install latest version of iTunes on your computer
  • It needs to collect a compatible recommended USB cable with all the devices to connect the smart device to the computer
  • Maintain enough battery level. More than 50% required
  • Download Cydia Impactor tool from our download section

How to Use Cydia Impactor on iOS?

  • Download Cydia Impactor newly released version on your Windows, Mac or Linux PC. No need to concern about the latest versions, we always gives you the most recent versions.
  • Now, find and open the downlaoded application. If the downloaded file is archived, you have to extract it
  • Download the jailbreak or any .ipa file that you wish to install
  • Connect your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch to the Mac, Linux or Windows Computer. Make sure to use a certified USB lightning cable
  • Drag the required IPA file and drop in into the interface of Impactor tool
  • Apple Developer Warning will prompt and click on "OK" to go ahead
  • Enter a valid Apple ID and relevent password
  • If there's nothing wrong with all these steps, .ipa file will automatically install on your iOS device. Then, it will be added to the device's Home screen
  • You are unable to use this application from the first seen because it needs to trust the application inside the Apple device.
  • Go to Settings >> General >> Profiles and device Management and tap the installed application and tap "Trust" button.
  • Go back to the Home screen and open the app that you installed

Android Root with Cydia Impactor Download

  • Follow above steps to download Cydia impactor tool then launch the appication
  • Open Settings on your Android device. Then navigate to Developers Option > USB debugging
  • Now, Enable USB debugging mode
  • Connect the Android smartphone or tablet device to the computer
  • Now, click on "Start" button to begin the rooting procedure
  • Cydia Impactor download will automatically install SuperSU binary on your device
  • Once this process is completed, unplug the mobile device and restart it
  • Now, open Google Play Store and install SuperSU Application
  • After you installed, SuperSU Application on the Android mobile, it will be rooted

Upgrade Impactor

Cydiaimpactor needs the newest update to proceed always. If you have installed the application previously it should upgrade before use. This task has made comfortable by the application itself. There is an option has included to the Cydia Impactor free download as "Check for Update" under Impactor tab. Use this to update the program to the latest version. If you are going to use this software for the first time, it will show you a dialog box with two buttons as "Check Automatically" and "Don't Check". Use these buttons to inform your decision to the tool.


If you received an error message as the provision.CPP:150 it means you have activated the two-step authentication for your Apple ID and it unable to verify using the Impactor tool. To overcome this matter, you have to generate an app-specific password from the Apple ID webpage. Open manage Apple ID using the web browser and go to Security section then click on the edit button. Then go to App-specific password and click on generate a password. After that, enter a new simple password. Then go to the sideload procedure and enter the new password when the Cydia Impactor asks the password.