Download Cydia installer for iOS 11

Cydia Download for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

We are going to explain a most reliable method to install Cydia app store on your Apple iOS device. As everyone knows, there is no any direct method to download Cydia installer for iOS 11 and other latest versions so you have to follow some special steps to install this application on any iDevice. All who need download this software should have to attend with a jailbreaking iDevice process. Though there are so many tools to jailbreak iOS related devices but the best option to iOS 11 Cydia installer is jailbreak with Cydia Guru because it has specially designed for un-jailbroken devices. This is completely freeware and you must not have to attend with any registration or monetary affair for this tool to any kind of iDevice. Moreover, this application has a simple mechanism with few steps to jailbreak the device in a few minutes. We have mentioned all the steps for Cydia download through this latest version of the jailbreaking experience.

Cydia Download

Considering jailbreak, this is the only option download Cydia on any iOS version which means unlike any other jailbreaking tool this application is compatible with many iOS versions such as iOS 11, 10.3.3, 10.3.2, 10.3.1 and iOS 10.3. There is no any tool to download iOS 11 Cydia installer and you have to choose this jailbreaking tool to make this happen. To jailbreak using this tool you are not required a personal computer and able to run the tool directly on all kind of iOS devices. Check below for more information and the path of Cydia installer.

Cydia download with Cydia Guru

Cydia download


  • Single click Cydia Download: Using this tool you are able to download Cydia app store by one click. That's why this is the easiest way to get this awesome app on your iDevice.
  • Faster than ever before: This is the speediest jailbreaking tool that released public for free.
  • Needs no computer: The jailbreaking process can be done without needed of a computer. The Safari browser of the device is only need to download Cydia.
  • Compatible with all: The tool is compatible with all iOS devices and all iOS versions including iOS 10.x.x. This tool has wide range compatibility with apple devices.
  • Supports for future updates: We wish to update for all the latest updates of iOS and we hope to implement all the upgraded versions as soon as possible with fixing bugs.

How to Download Cydia Installer

  1. Navigate to from your iDevice's default Safari Browser
  2. Tap on "Cydia Download" button and this will take a while to detect your iDevice and the iOS version
  3. After detecting the device it will display "Start" button then tap on the button to start the jailbreaking process
  4. Then you will see a window with "Install" button placed on the top right corner. Tap the button to get the software and add the icon to home screen
  5. Then the downloader will ask you to enter the passcode
  6. After entering the passcode it will display install button again and tap on the button again
  7. In the end of this process go to home page and you will see the Cydia installer app icon on Home screen

Congratulations, you have successfully jailbroken and installed the software to your iDevice. Using this awesome tool you can jailbreak the majority of iPhones, iPads, and also iPod and also can download Cydia app store to your Apple device. Check below to make sure is the expected device compatible with this tool.

iOS 11 Cydia Installer Supporting Devices.

To check whether the device is compatible with this tool and download Cydia installer please refer the following list. Keep in your mind that these are the compatible devices of iOS 11 jailbreak because 32-bit devices does support the recent iOS firmware.

cydia guru supported devices


  • If the jailbreak does not installed correctly, it will cause to inability to download Cydia installer
  • When trying to install the jailbreaking tool if it fails to install correctly for a number of times stop the installation and reboot the device
  • Try again to install the jailbreak tool after rebooting
  • If you need to remove this app from your device there are two ways to make it happen
  • Do a factory reset or upgrade your device to the latest firmware to remove the jailbreak and the app from your device


If you are tired of using an average Apple iDevice with lot of restrictions and if you are seeking for a proper solution to overcome the matters we would like to highly recommend you to iOS 11 Cydia download by jailbreak the device using our jailbreaking tool and enjoy a lot of free applications, themes, tweaks and more than you ever wish and customize the iDevice as you never expected while bypassing all the restrictions that made by Apple Inc.