Download Cydia for iOS 11.4 & iOS 11.4.1

How to Jailbreak iOS 11.4 with Cydia Guru

iOS 11.4 is available to the public since 29th of May 2018 proving that everything been testing in the time of beta are real. As probably going to be the final major software upgrade for the iteration iOS 11, here we get a number of amazing features at the same time with a considerable quantity of improvements. So if you have been waiting for a great iOS time dropping away all previous errors and bugs, here it is the chance to download iOS 11.4. Take the complete review and realize why one should take the update on iPhone, iPad, and iPod.

More than five beta testing versions have made the final success of iOS 11.4 from which overall audio competencies and many more updates are given to the user. And this is important as a firmware upgrade from which a number of features and functions have given which are promised long before by Apple Company. In fact, we are finally given access to two features that were announced at the previous WWDC. So there is no wonder why anyone to feel excited about having iOS 11.4 on the device. As all the firmware so far, iOS 11.4 is also allowed for all 64-bit iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices. So anyone desired to have all the improvements on your Apple device can now download iOS 11.4 over the air or through iTunes by connecting to either Windows PC or Mac.


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AirPlay 2

AirPlay is known as the most superior, wireless multi-room audio system which allows iPhone and iPad users to simply stream podcasts or music to any Airplay 2 supported speaker in home or HomePod device in sync. And as Apple TV is also attuned with AirPlay 2 feature, you will be able to easily direct Siri to playback TV shows, movies, Music and anything on your Apple TV as well. Although there were several stories and appearances about AirPlay feature in regard to the iOS 11.3 major release, it was not ready to come to the public. And finally, it is now to be seen through the official iOS 11.4. So with AirPlay 2, you will be no enjoying “multi-room audio” feature from the iOS devices, with easier access to control speakers with the Home app, Control Center and at the same time with Siri. Although this was previously limited to iTunes through either Mac OS or Windows, now it gives an expanded support.

Messages on iCloud

This is another feature Apple has promised in the previous WWDC event about 12 months back but has kept us excitingly waiting this long for the real-time experience. With Messages in iCloud, your Messages records going to be synced across your Mac, iPhone, Apple Watch, and iPad. So this means when you delete messages from your iPhone, it will automatically delete the messages from your other iOS and Mac OS devices as well. In that case, this is a useful feature for all iMessage users since it going to store messages in iCloud not just being stored locally. And as messages on iCloud are end-to-end encrypted, there is no trouble about the safety measures as well.

Schoolwork and ClassKit

At the educational event on March 27 with all headship of Chicago-based Apple, the new feature for Schoolwork and ClassKit has been introduced. This is basically in targeting educational users having 64-bit devices and desired to have the latest iOS 11.4 firmware. So you can now use the Apple’s latest mobile operating system version to improve the experience of education.

With the use of the ClassKit app developers are allowed to put in features that can be used by educational organizations that are supported by Apple School Manager and Managed Apple IDs. And with schoolwork app teachers are allowed assigning activities in iBooks in targeting the ClassKit-enabled apps.

HomePod bringing support for Calendar Appointments

Another important feature that this update brings is the support added for calendar appointment on the HomePod with the support of Siri. So making all your work easier, iOS 11.4 allows you to use Siri on the HomePod in order go through checking your forthcoming calendar appointments. If you want this feature to make your work easier, it is the call for Download 11.4.


In addition to all the significant features above, there are more in iOS 11.4.1 Release. So go through the facts below and find more features and fixes.

  • Facilitate teachers to assign reading activities in iBooks to the students using the new Schoolwork app
  • The trouble with CarPlay audio could become unclear is addressed here with a reliable fix
  • Place a fix to the trouble where several character series could cause crashes in Messages
  • Gives a fix addressing the issue with Messages where some messages to come into view out of order
  • Take in hand the issue that may possibly avoid logging in or the right of entry files on Google Docs, Google Drive, and Gmail in Safari browser
  • Resolves an issue that could cause an app to appear in an incorrect location on the Home screen
  • Places the problem that could put a stop to data syncing in the Health App
  • Gives a fix addressing the state that could prevent the user from varying what applications could entree in the Health data
  • Places a fix to the issue where deciding on music from the iPhone could stop working when in functioning music over Bluetooth. Or else when linked to the USB on several vehicles


Likewise, iOS 11.4 collects important features and improvements in front of the user making your iOS run more stable on 64-bit iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. So if anyone desires taking an improved run on the device can simply turn in the iOS 11.4.1 install and Download over the air easily or through iTunes with the connection to Windows or Mac. But in case if you are already jailbroken on any previous iOS version, you may take some time to decide to get this limited package of features or keep the vast experience with Cydia Download.


In fact, there are no official updates yet supporting the way to jailbreak iOS 11.4 and iOS 11.4.1 newly released version as of the time being. So in case if you decide to upgrade the device to the latest, you should not leave your expectations to immediate jailbreak access. Since LiberiOS and Electra are the two stable and only working jailbreak tools for iOS 11, you can easily download Cydia on your iOS 11.4 running device using the most using jailbreak tool named Cydia Guru. This runs in a semi-untethered way and it does not require to plug your mobile device into a computer. Just tap the "Cydia Download" button and install Cydia for iOS 11.4 and iOS 11.4.1 versions from just a single click.

  • Step 01: Navigate to using the Safari web browser on your iOS device
  • Step 02: Scroll down and tap on the blue color "Cydia Download" button to begin the jailbreak process
  • Step 03: It will take a moment to check whether the device is compatible
  • Step 04: Once this procedure is done, you will be moved to the install page
  • Step 05: Just tap on "Install" button to add Cydia on your Home screen
  • Step 06: Congratulations! you have successfully installed Cydia on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch device


With every new operating system version, Apple decides to make the experience of the user optimized. So here we find another successful attempt at iOS 11.4.1 which probably going to be the final firmware of the 11th iteration. And very soon in the next WWDC event to take place, we will be announced the Apple’s next operating system version iOS 12. So stay tuned for all news updates.